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Sabtu, 23 Juli 2011

airport SURPRISE!!!


yesterday i just have EXTREME Experience.

i help my friend for picking up CLAS:H VIP, Kaname and ALODIA GOSENGFIAO.

but when i get there, i suddenly met pinky luxun nee-san and NAOKI DRACHEN. XDD

i have picture with both of them.


i also meet ALODIA, but haven't got to take picture with here..T^T

after waiting for half hour, and with help from my dad. me and Airi (one of friend... and she also cute. ^U^). we meet KANAME!!!.

KANAME-sama was so kind!!. he also said; "terima kasih', which is "arigatou" in japanese.

OMG... can't help for enthusiasm for today at CLAS:H.

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