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Rabu, 12 Januari 2011


hey!!!.. i decide to post one of idol group, Tomapai. well... tomapai is short of tomato n pine. Tomato n'Pine (Tomatounpain) is, YUI + HINA + WADA's idol female trio is.  April 4, 2009 Wada (i dont know her full name^^) and Koike Yui the duo debuted as a CD.Tomapai (トマパイ)」。

Wada was a member of one season, both Koike Miss Magazine 2008 semifinalists.  The same feature is also a two birthdays, gravure idol and actress while working as an individual, they also planned career as an artist.  However, the 2009 summer entertainment activities since been suspended because of academic priority Jun trees were dormant musical activities.
2010 Wada with formal withdrawal of the tree in spring, two seasons as a member of Tomapai make they add  HINA as a new member, as a trio of new songs, "You are the captain!" was released. Stance, while continuing his musical career has not changed the individual activities. In May 2010, Tokyo (15) and Osaka (16) were two Secret Live unveiling of the season  Koike said, "this time because there is no common sense from the first three are together " I want to make three people,". they says  in 2011 March, under Sony Music Entertainment they will release new single debut more.

CD Album

Life is Beautiful(2009年4月4日 、TNP-003) Life is Beautiful (2009, April 4 , TNP-003)

CD single

キャプテンは君だ!/You are the captain! (Captain wa kimi da!) (2010 May 15, 5 , TNP-005, Limited Edition venue, recorded the song and the instrumental only)
Words: Kenji & Jane、Music: IPPEI TATSUYAMA 、Arrenged by TSURI SHUNSUKEagehasprings )、Produced by agehasprings Words: Kenji & Jane, Music: Ippei Tatsuyama , Arrenged by Shunsuke Tsuri ( Agehasprings ), Produced by Agehasprings

「キャプテンは君だ!」「POP SONG 2 U」/"You are the captain!" "POP SONG 2 U" remix songs and three new songs, including all seven instrumental songs ("etcetera surrounding beach" is not included)


CD with photo book 

RED SCARLET (25 August 2010, TNP-007)
Take down the photo book, photo: Karaki Takashi央


BLUE SPLASH (25 August 2010, TNP-006)
  Gravure DVD, take photos with a photo book in Guam swimsuit shoot: Clear Kimura
for heard they song, you can check'em in they site: they have so cool site!!!!.

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